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Odor Control Dog Pads - 21"x21" - 70 Pack

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    • Won't LEAK: Each pee pad is created with unique FlashDry Technology, which instantly turns liquid into gel to lock in moisture and prevent messy leaks, and unpleasant odors.
    • ODOR ELIMINATING LAVENDER SCENT: The special odor eliminating capability traps and neutralizes odor with a lavender scent, rather than mask those stinky smells left behind. The long-lasting pleasant scent leaves your home smelling fresh and clean.
    • SUPERIOR ABSORPTION: Our 6-layer construction puppy pad creates a smaller urine spot, allowing your dog or multiple dogs to find fresh, clean spots for multiple uses per pad.
    • LEAK PROOF PROTECTION TO KEEP YOUR HOME CLEAN: Each pad features a plastic backing and border to protect all floor types by blocking leaks.
    • PERFECT FOR: Potty training, puppy training, senior or sick dogs, extended indoor stays, and use during travel.

    Customer Reviews

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    Thank you, Hartz

    Best thing ever since sliced bread for my aging, incontinent, little shelter dog, no one wanted. He would have been at the shelter forever a s I can keep him for the rest of his natural life thanks to Hartz. Eight years old Pom mix adopted and found incontinent when I brought home and by then was in love with.. Tried every kind of pad from specialty stores to grocery store, until I found these. Perfect. Quick drying, wonderful lavender scent. Will not leak thru like every other pad I tried. Was so easy to train my dog to use these instead of rug or floor. Something in the product attracts canine to do their business on the pad. I simply showed my little rescue companion his pad and let him smell it. No further training. Also, I am very crippled. Sometimes I can't keep up with the old dog's needs, so the pads have solved a multitude of issues. Also, without these pads I would never be able to keep my tiny little friend safe from frostbite in sub zero weather conditions when his miniscule paws cannot tolerate the frigid ice and snow. Thank you Hartz. I am so greatful for all your research and development into producing such a quality product that solves so many canine needs.

    Hartz is the best pads available

    All of the pads made by this company are without fail **perfect**. Every size I've purchased from hartz is absolutely the best on the market. I am so thankful for this product. I live in the city, so my dog needs a potty pad, No backyard for him. With the stay at home order these pads have been so much used. I have a big dog and the pads absorb the scent wonderfully. The scent of fecal is more so than the urine. The pad does make clean up a breeze, I use a large (kitchen size) trash bag and pick up the whole mess easily. Thanks to my dog, he always goes on the pad. It was difficult at first, he really likes to go for his walks. He became accustomed to the pads and now he won't go out in the evening. Thanks for the pads, Hartz is the best. *An experienced buyer*

    Almost perfect

    I have 5 dogs so pee and poop are pretty much my life. Ideally, it would all happen outside. But my life is less than ideal and at 3 am in a cold rain, it ain't happening. So I buy a wide variety of piddle pads. I know good ones and I know bad ones. These are remarkably good.I put down a fresh one every night in the bathroom for my small bladdered female. I swear she gets up more often than I do!These will hold quite a lot!! I have been amazed to see how much! My four males will sometimes use them when my arthritic bones don't allow me to hustle them downstairs at warp speed in the morning. I would not be exaggerating if I said they held several cups.I can't speak about poop holding abilities. Thankfully, she is a middle of the afternoon pooper but I would think they would hold up admirably.The smell is intense for a few seconds after opening each new pad but dissipates quickly to a light, fresh scent. It doesn't cover up urine but it tries.My only real gripe is the backing. It is very slippery on tile flooring. She has had her feet slip out from under her a few times. I've tried several things to help prevent that like placing these directly on top of my bath mat but they still slip a bit. It's the cotton liner slipping against the plastic backing. I would be wary of she had arthritis or a bad joint but thankfully she doesn't.

    A Superior Lavender-Scented Pee Pad

    Through trial and error, I found this Hartz Home Protection brand pads, and I love them. This brand differs from even the better brands because they turn the urine into a gel, making them last longer (usually 3 pees for my pups) and clean up A LOT easier. Myself and my two, 15-year-old Maltese, Romeo & Juliet, are no strangers to puppy pee pads, and typically go through about one per day. Romeo is on diuretic medicine, and when he urinates, A LOT of liquid needs to be absorbed. We went through several cheap brands, only to learn that they can leak terribly, leaving a nasty mess to clean, and essentially rendering them useless. We are very happy with this brand, for the following reasons:Absorbency/Leak ProofCompared to every other brand we have tried, these have the least amount of leakage. Occasionally, there is some urine runoff from the sides of the pad, but I believe this is because Romeo, my male dog, has bad aim. If the dogs urinate in the center of the pad, there are VERY rarely any leaks from this brand.For the purposes of testing and reviewing, I poured water on this pad and another brand, The Buddy Pad. With The Buddy Pad Brand, the material didn’t seem to expand to retain the water, but spread out the water much like a paper towel would. While the water never leaked through the bottom, but it did eventually spread to the sides and spill over. This Hartz Brand clearly absorbed more water, and it could noticeably be seen and felt that the water was turning to gel. The gel prevented the water from leaking through the bottom layer, and even visibly stopped the water from spreading out past the side edges.Odor Protection/ScentI have purchased both the regular variety and the lavender scented variety of this Hartz Pad. Prior to use, the regular variety has no scent, and the lavender version smells fresh and lavender scented. However, this and every brand we have ever used, still smells like pee after they have been peed on.MaterialThe description indicates 5 layers. I cut one open and included the picture. At first glance, only 3 layers can be seen, but if you look very closely, you can tell that the inside layer is comprised of 3. The top layer is thin and fibrous and pretty tear resistant. The 3 inside layers are cotton-like. The bottom layer is thin and plastic-like, and water resistant. In the Lavender scented version, this bottom layer is a cute purple color (as pictured), and the regular variety is a soft, light green color.For comparison, The Buddy Pad Brand is also made of 5 similar layers, though that brand is quilted (see photo- though this doesn’t seem to make any difference).SizeThis brand is slightly smaller than The Buddy Pad Brand, 21”X21” compared to 22”X22”. However, I believe the actual padding part is the same size, and it is just the outer edge lining that is larger in that other brand (see photo).PriceThese are currently on sale on for $12.72 for 50 pads, which is much more affordable than the $25 for the same 50ct of The Buddy Pad Brand. While there are many less expensive brands available (I’ve seen some as low as $0.10 per pad), in our experience, these are the highest quality available, and are truly an excellent value. (Especially considering these Hartz brand pads usually last through 3 pees, while others need to be changed after 1 or 2.)PackagingThese pads are packaged folded thin for convenience. Also, not that it really requires much direction, but these do have instructions, suggestions, and product and contact info printed on the back of the package.Pros:++ Turns Urine Into Gel!+ No Center Leak-Through+ Minimal Side-Leakage (Comparatively)+ 5 Absorbent/Leak Resistant Layers+ Packaged Thinly Folded+ Detailed Info Printed on Package+ Great Cost Value+ Lavendar-Scented & Pretty Purple ColorCons:- None of Significance to Report at This Time* I am committed to providing completely honest and unbiased reviews. This and all of my reviews contain only my personal, sincere opinions and experiences. Please feel free to comment if you found this review helpful (or not), or have any questions. I welcome and appreciate feedback regarding my reviews. Thank you for reading! *


    Initially, I used these because my cat was expecting kittens and I wanted an easy way to clean up the mess. But then we got chicks and then I needed them more than ever! These potty pads are perfect. They have a nice light smell that isn't overpowering at all. These are perfect for an easy clean-up. They definitely are not meant for a large dog. They are smaller pads, maybe 18/20 inches by 18/20 inches. I am currently using them to line the crate that my chicks are in (and boy do they make a mess!) It makes cleanup a breeze. I just have to roll up the pads and throw them away. No more scrubbing the crate floor or scooping bedding either.I will definitely be purchasing these pads again once I need them!